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There is a time in our lives when we know we have to make a change

Sometimes it’s thrust upon us and sometimes we see an opportunity and choose to take it

If you have been stuck in a management job that isn’t giving you the recognition, opportunities, interest, rewards and recognition you want we can offer you an exciting way forward to a new working life.

Normally, because of the nature of this business, in time you will be able to earn 50% more than your current salary.  If you tell us the figure we can tell you roughly how long it will take to get to that level and what to do to get there.  Also, when you eventually want to move on you will have a valuable asset to sell so any money you invest you get back with interest.

Despite the state of the economy, one growth area is the provision of specialist services to home owners. That’s the sector we are in. We run local fleets of vans that provide specialist lawn care services and we need individuals who can set up and run those fleets. Currently we have urgent need of suitable people in the DT and BH postcode areas.

This is  a serious long-term business that requires commitment and an investment but it is tried, tested and proven so the question is are you prepared to take it on?

How well does this describe you and your capabilities?

  • Self-motivated
  • Solid organisational skills
  • Sound management ability
  • Practical common sense
  • Capable of delivering high quality customer service
  • Keen to have more control over and responsibility for your own working life

If that seems to fit, then send us your cv by email.


If you are hesitating then ask yourself what have you got to lose by finding out more? We don’t do pressure selling. Far from it. We need to be convinced that the people who take this on are of sufficiently high calibre. But, if you really do match up to what it says above we are keen to talk to you.