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Your own Business

There are two ways you can run your own Weed Man business..

  • As a Weed Man Regional Director
  • As a Weed Man Owner Manager

These are both explained below but note that most people taking on the Weed Man franchise want to end up in a Regional Director position so we’ll start by describing that.

The role of Weed Man Regional Director offers an ideal work-from-home-opportunity for individuals or business partners who have entrepreneurial flair plus the ability to run business operations in a systematic, consistent and professional way.

Many would describe this as a “management franchise” because this is very much a white collar job for someone with management experience.

The recommended way to set up your own Regional Director business is to start with a cluster of territories as shown in the honeycomb diagram to the left. Each hexhagonal cell in the diagram represents a territory containing a minimum number of suitable properties and is defined in terms of postcodes. Normally your base will be at a central point in the area shown in yellow. A suitable cluster is 5 – 7 territories although one territory is sufficient to get started.

As indicated earlier, there are also two “flavours” for this management franchise…

  • Be a franchise owner operating in a largely hands-off director role with the region run by your own trusted manager. This option means you must employ at least one person from the start. Someone with good customer service skills who can who can drive a van, treat lawns and take on a number od day-to-day operational responsibilities.
  • Be an owner manager. This option does allow for a hands-on start in which you run the business, drive the van, treat lawns etc. However, this is NOT intended to remain as a “man-with-van” franchise because you will be missing out on a big opportunity to grow your business but there are a number of ways to achieve such growth. For example, there are multi-van family businesses where the roles are shared between a number of family members.

There is also a third possibility where an existing franchisee may employ someone in the first instance witha view to them becoming a owner manager. (see Jobs)

In other words, there are several  flexible possibilities depending on your own requirements.

The role of regional manager has been descibed as “A proven way to grow yourself a business that generates regular high income and builds you long term wealth.”

Planning routes is one responsibility of a Regional Manager

If you already have experience of running a business or a significant part of a larger business then this white collar franchise may be for you.   If you’ve not run a business before and see a franchise as a half-way-house to running a completely independent business of your own you may like to start with our Local Service Provider franchise from which you can progress to one of our dealerships when you’re ready.

Building your business from multiple territories Building your business from multiple territories

In North America, where Weed Man was founded, a significant proportion of our Regional Director franchisees have financial, accounting or operations backgrounds while others have experience of building up businesses from scratch. Of the latter a significant number started as Weed Man Local Service providers with just one van and then moved on from there.

How it works.
You follow a well-proven system that’s built the number 1 lawn care franchise in Canada that’s also in the top 10 in the US.   We provide the training, the products, the customer base, and the software that helps you turn prospects into loyal customers in the most efficient way possible.

The Regional Director concentrates on high level business development by following our system to create routes, target customers on those routes and service those customers so they become loyal advocates for your business,  referring you to their friends and family.  You need to start with at least one person driving a van and operating the routes making sure that the right people get the jobs done as and when required, working hands-on on occasions. You may also want to take on some administrative support from the outset if you want to start off and remain very hands-off in running the business.

You sell a programme to your client (often paid for up front), so each new client leads to regular work for you.   You don’t have to re-sell each time you visit.

Size of Region.
A Region is a cluster of adjacent areas.   You reserve a number of areas and then build up a fleet of vans one at a time taking on drivers as you need them.    Once you have all your initial areas up and running successfully you may add further areas.

What rights do you buy?
Regional MDirectors and Local Service providers operate as franchisees under franchise agreements which bestow rights and responsibilities on them.
The franchise is long term, renewable and has a high re-sale value.   Almost all our well-established Canadian franchisees have become rich.   This business  really works!

An unbeatable package.
We provide you with the necessary weapons to go out and conquer your chosen business territory.
We provide a powerful combination in the form of strong brands and effective local delivery mechanisms backed up by sophisticated systems that are simple to use and which run like clockwork.

You sell a programme to your client (often paid for up front), so each new client leads to regular work for you.   You don’t have to re-sell each time you visit.

Everything you need.
You get everything you need to make you business a success: training, start-up advice and guidance, ongoing expert support, great products, highly efficient systems, membership of a business network of like-minded people.
Specific benefits.
This is a work-from-home business with a difference.
Our systems provide you with a fool-proof way to market and sell effectively to new customers, backed up with marketing methods (including the web) to give you a prestigious and visible local presence
Our pro-active customer care programme helps you to keep all your promises and results in a very high level of customer retention.   So, combined with a flow of new customers you achieve sustainable profitable growth.
Our environmentally safe, exclusive products are a big selling point to customers, especially when  they see the extraordinarily fine results.