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Partnerships can work well

Franchises often start off as one-man-bands (or one-woman-bands) which can often work well in terms of keeping costs down in the early stages.  These also help by allowing the franchisee to  get to know how everything works which often boosts performance.

However, there is a lot to be said for running a franchise as a partnership and the Weed Man franchise is particularly well suited to that kind of set up.

Perhaps the most common form of franchisee partnership is the husband and wife team where, very often, there is a separation of roles with one partner often running the office while the other runs the services.

There are other successful franchise  partnership arrangements too although they are sometimes overlooked.   Two close friends can often team up to run a  franchise which can save on the overall up-front investment but because of the doubling of resources the income will normally double-up too.  If you want to reduce your investment think hard about who you know who might join you.  Sometime the seond partner can be a “backer” who is making an investment and giving specialist advice – rather like a non executive director.

Another variation is the family partnership franchise where often someone from an older generation teams up with someone younger.  In recent years there have been a number of  award winning franchises run by father-son and mother-daughter combinations.

So, how about you?   Could you run a  successful Weed Man franchise with the right partner?

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