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A way to retire early and maintain a decent living

“An ideal off-the shelf, flexible, rewarding business for semi-retirement…”

If you are looking for a business opportunity that works well in semi-retirement, then this could be it.  Depending on your situation and requirements we have two basic alternatives available to you.   We value maturity and experience and feel we can offer something quite special to individuals who want to continue earning and building up their pensions while at the same time retaining flexibility and control over how and when they work.

It’s not gardening!

Just to get one possible misunderstanding out of the way up front.   Despite our name “Weed Man” we are not a gardening business.   If you join us you will not be mowing lawns, trimming plants or doing low-grade, low-paid work.   You will be managing the long-term care of people’s lawns.

If you like to be physically active and outdoors you may be interested in running one of our Local Service Provider businesses which does involve visiting people’s gardens to apply lawn care treatments under a programme of services.

As a Local Service Provider you have your own local exclusive area to operate in.   The difference is that you get paid well for delivering a specialist service.   Delivering regular lawn treatments is one part of the Local Service Provider’s  job but this is really a customer service business, where delivering the right high-quality treatment to the right lawn at the right time, and keeping your customers informed when the unexpected happens means you retain the majority of your clients from year to year, and they go on to recommend you to others.

On the other hand, if you have significant management or operational experience and want to invest in something under your control that will give you a good return with less risk than some other forms of investment then one of our Regional Manager Businesses could be what you’re looking for.

As a Regional Manager you operate a number of areas instead of just one – which means this is more about working on the business than working in it.

If you’d like to know more and in particular find out exactly how this works for a semi-retired person please call 0845 5820 144.

Further information is also available on this web site or you might like to email us for further details.