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A second career in Civvy Street?

Use what you already know to start a new career with a recession-resistant business system…

Perhaps like many people leaving the armed forces you are facing a major career change because the job you have been doing has no direct equivalent in civvy street?

We may be able to offer an attractive next step when some of your other alternatives could have you fall flat on your face or force you to seriously under-sell yourself on the job market.

If you would enjoy being able to set up and take charge of your own business while at the same time knowing you have a highly developed business system to follow that makes sure you  have what you need to succeed – you’re in the right place.

We know that a significant proportion of ex military people meet our high standards so if you’d like to talk to someone about what you are looking for and what we might offer you just pick up the phone and call 0800 8620050.

Alternatively, read on to find out how your can move forward into a new, rewarding, life-enhancing career.

Despite the media obsession with the recession there are still many people in well paid jobs who may be described as “cash rich time poor”.  These people care about having nice homes and gardens but rely on others to do the work.   Lawn care has become a major service and the demand continued to grow.   This website introduces you to a way in which you can benefit from the opportunity presented by this trend.

We are finding that there is a bright business future in green grass: just consider these salient facts:

  • franchisee earnings are growing twice as fast as the rest of the UK economy.
  • green grass is a fast-growing service industry and is now serious business.
  • almost anywhere you want to work there are more than enough potential lawn-care customers around to provide you with a good living.
  • with Weed Man you can provide a lovely lawn for less than the price of a TV licence –  and help thousands of loyal homeowners make more of their outside space.

If this sounds good to you and if we can answer some leading questions, would you be interested enough to talk to us about whether or not you might want to become part of that?