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A new start after redundancy

“Build a richer life through a new career with Weed Man…”

Are you rethinking your career after “the down-turn” or facing redundancy?

If you’ve been made redundant, or facing the possibility of being made redundant , or worried by the growing levels of redundancy in your industry, then you’ve come to a good place.

Being made redundant need not be the end of your working life – in fact it could lead you to a whole new career!

We ‘re looking for mature individuals who are good at running things smoothly, know how to keep customers happy with good service and probably haven’t been properly appreciated by their corporate employers.

There are ways of building a new career on your previous experience that lead to even better earnings and more job satisfaction – and we believe we offer a particularly good way forward.

Before we get into what exactly we do here’s what this is about.

What we offer you is:

  • A new working life after a first career but building on your experience not throwing it away.
  • Work that’s rewarding, interesting and under your control.   Indeed, we provide a way to set up in business for yourself – but not by yourself, because we’re here to help you.
  • An orderly and sensibly-paced way for you to develop new capabilities that also build on past experience and use some of your existing skills.
  • A wealth-building career.   We aren’t offering “instant money and success” in the form of light-weight, low skilled jobs – like many of the very visible franchises out there.   We are a franchise that requires management skills and experience and builds long-term benefits.
  • A better way to use any available cash from redundancy or from previous investments.  You’ll continue earning and building up your pension.

You’ll have the additional opportunity to build up substantial business assets that one day can either be sold or passed on to your family.

It’s not gardening!

Just to get one possible misunderstanding out of the way up front.   Despite our name “Weed Man” we are not a gardening business.   If you join us you will not be mowing lawns, trimming plants or doing low-grade, low-paid work.   You will be managing the long-term care of people’s lawns.

If you have significant management or operational experience and want to invest in something under your control that will give you a good return with less risk than some other forms of investment then one of our Regional Manager Businesses could be what you’re looking for.

As a Regional Manager you operate a number of areas instead of just one – which means this is more about working on the business than working in it.

If you’d like to know more and in particular find out exactly how this could work for you please call 0800 8620050.

Further information is also available on this web site or you might like to email us for further details.