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Man with Van or not?

Is the Weed Man franchise a “man with van” franchise?

That’s a question we often get asked. The answer is… not really.

It is true that one way to get started with our franchise is to be a one man band to begin with and that then means that the franchisee has to do everything including taking the van out to treat lawns. BUT, in the long run the franchisee is more of an owner-manager operating a fleet of vans.

Starting off by doing everthing has a number of advantages too. If you’ve done a job yourself then you are less likely to have the wool pulled over your eyes by someone else doing it for you. You’ll also understand genuine problems and know how to address them.

Nevertheless, our Weed Man franchise is more about building a business and creating wealth for yourself for the long time while earning good money along the way.

So ours is a “Man with vans” franchise and also a “Woman with vans” in some cases.

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