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Jobs as a Local “Weed Man”

More than 40 years ago in Canada when small children saw the very first lawn care vans visiting their the parents and neighbours they used to point at the van and call out  “There’s Weed Man!”.   The name stuck and so “Weed Man” became the name on all our local lawn care service vans.

Each “Weed Man” is really a Local Lawn Care Service Provider.

When a new region is set up the franchise owner of the territory has two basic choices.

They can employ someone to be their first Local Lawn Care Service Provider or they can start of in a hands-on role doing the job of a Local Lawn Care Service Provider.

In the latter case it does look rather like classic “man with van” business which will suit anyone who likes to have the freedom to get out and about doing something useful and well paid as their own boss.  However, what makes it different, even at the start, is that it is a very smart business to  operate in terms of the rewards for the effort.  This is because of the valuable nature of the services provided and the very efficiant way clients are found and the the work can be organised.  Nevertheless, most Local Lawn Care Service Provider are employed by a Regional Director and those that are not are typically franchisees aiming to become regional directors once they grow thier business enough to employ others. It’s also not a classic “man with van” business because it has equal appeal to women.

Inspecting a Client's Lawn

What it’s like to start off small by running your own Weed Man business as a one-man-band doing the Local Service provider’s job as well as running the business?

If you want to start your own business working from home, and don’t currently have the funds to set up as a Regional Manager then becoming a Weed Man Local Service Provider is a good place to start, especially if you’ve not run a business before.

But why lawn care?   For many homeowners in well-paid employment one of the biggest challenges is finding the time to take care of their homes and gardens.   Among the better off are those sometimes described as “cash-rich time-poor”.

They are willing to spend significant sums of money on getting the result they want.

Having a fine lawn, rather than rough, weedy, patchy grass is one of those things that often comes high on the list.   But it doesn’t stop there.   Even people on more modest incomes want fine lawns but don’t know what to do about it and need some help.

This is where Weed Man comes in.   We offer a service that provides the essential scheduled tasks needed to apply treatments that create a fine lawn to be admired.

There are about 28 million homes in the UK.  We are focused on those who have accessible lawns and are willing and able to pay to keep them looking great.   BUT we aren’t the gardeners or plantsmen – we manage and organise the work.  It’s valuable work, well-paid, and best of all we keep our customers and they repeatedly buy our programmes of service.

Our main services are delivered under the Weed Man® brand name and follow a system that delivers consistently high – quality unbeatable results  to our customers.

Everything about the business has been tried, tested and proven over many years.   It’s ultra-efficient, highly profitable and it grows!

You are set up in one area which has more than enough homeowners to provide you with a very good income and, because the area is manageable you can get up and running fast.  This makes a Weed Man franchise one of the best work from home businesses you can invest in.

In time you can develop the business further if you wish by adding more areas and you may also upgrade to become a Regional Director where your primary responsibility is running multiple areas.    But that is still a work from home business.

As a Local Service Provider you can either set up as a free-standing business or set-up under an existing region where one is in place.  Regions benefit from some economies of scale and shared marketing efforts so in the long run you probably want someone else to take over the region you are in – or maybe even take on the region yourself – which can be done is stages.