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Local employment – almost anywhere

Here’s a familiar problem.  Someone desperately needs to change jobs, or worse has lost a job, but can’t move home because of other circumstances.   What are they to do?   Well, as one person put it they can “buy a local job”.   What does that mean?

Well, many franchises are, in effect, local branches of larger businesses and the person who buys the rights to set up a local branch  buys themself a job by setting up  their own business that will employ them.

If you live in or near a small town where the emplyment prospects are far from good then do consider the franchise options.   Of course franchises cost money but the good ones are an investment (you get more than you money back when you sell) and it’s often easier to raise the money than you might think.  In fact very few small franchise buyers actually borrow money from the bank.

With the Weed Man franchise you can start small (as a one man band,  one woman band or amybe a partnership) and build up from there.    There are opportunities available all over the UK and there may be one in your local town.   It doesn’t hurt to ask does it?





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