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Lawn Care Franchise – hidden benefits – avoid hidden dangers

When you are looking to buy a lawn care franchise you will no doubt want to find out what you get for your money and most people ask about the obvious things like, territory, training, support, systems, plus marketing and sales support. We believe we offer very competitive value on all of those and are happy to demonstrate why we think that claim is well justified.

However, what is often neglected at the time of the franchise purchase is the question about what happens when you eventually want to sell your franchise. In the case of the Weed Man franchise you can expect to get back a lot more than you spent in the first place because under our franchise agreement you get a very fair deal including ownership of your client database. If you buy some other franchises what you may get back is zero, yes nothing! Do read the agreement for any franchise before you sign it. Don’t be fobbed off by verbal promises – as the saying goes “they are not worth the paper they are written on”. That point applies to all kinds of franchises not just lawn care franchises.

The Weed Man franchise is a lawn care franchise that enable you to create long term wealth as well as providing you with a good living.

One more thing. Also ask what you have to pay out. Some franchisors want a very sizable portion of what the franchisee earns. With the Weed Man lawn care franchise you retain a very high proportion of your earnings and what you do pay us covers a lot of real benefits to you such as our fantastic software system – WEMMS. It helps you gain customers and work efficiently with the ones you have so you make more money from the effort you put in.

So there are some very big “hidden benefits” in the Weed Man lawn care franchise and some hidden dangers in some of the alternative.

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