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Hands-off franchise

Most franchises are very hands-on with the franchisee doing the job and running the franchise. A Weedman franchise can certainly be run that way. However, at Weedman there is an alternative where the franchisee has a hands-off role. That doesn’t mean the franchisee doesn’t do anything! Rather it means they work more like a non-executive director or maybe initially like a Managing Director. This is also a specific type of management franchise.

Starting with just one van and someone to deliver the service the franchisee can concentrate on building the franchisee – progressively adding more vans – working on the franchise not in it.

This way of running a Weedman franchise has become the preferred option in North America where Weedman is by far the largest lawn treatment franchise. The franchisee include lawyers, accountants and other professionals.

With the stock markest being more risky these days and saving giving little interest some individuals have decided to take control and invest in a Weedman franchise. We’d never advise or recommend that choice – it has to be taken by the individual taking into account the particular circumstances but we can point to people who have made a big success of it.

If you’d like to know more about how it works then contact us to discuss it further.

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