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What is the business about?

Weed Man sells a programme of lawn care services that takes care of all the jobs needed to keep an area of grass in top condition, enabling garden owners to enjoy having a healthy green weed-free lawn all year round, – with no effort on their part.

How big is the market?

There are about 27 million homes in the UK. Weed Man is focused on those who have accessible lawns and are willing and able to pay to keep them looking great.

How big is Weed Man?

Weed Man is a well-established franchise originating in Canada over 40 years ago. ,Today  is the number 1 lawn care business in Canada by a mile.  Not only that ,Weed Man is probably the world’s larges lawn care organisation with almost total coverage in North America but it’s relatively new to the UK which is why we are looking for people to join us in 2013.

How are we organised?

In effect the Weed Man operates at two levels or tiers and offers very different but complementary and mutually beneficial franchise options.     The ideal combination to start with is regional management franchisee working with one or two Weed Man service providers.  The reginla management franchise is run by a regional director. There are considerable economies of scale which become very significant when the region exceeds 5 service providers.

What does the regional director do?

The regional director is responsibility for  running the regional franchise is to operate the infrastructure needed to enable the Weed Man service providers in your region to perform at maximum effectiveness.  This is a logistics and management business backed up by some highly developed proprietary software systems.   By organising routes, campaigns and schedules you generate high volumes of profitable and sustainable business within the Weed Man network.

What does the local service provider do?

A Weed Man service provider delivers regular specialist lawn care services to customers according to season.   He or she does not mow lawns, cut hedges, or do any other garden work, although some contract other people to do that.  In fact to be a local servcie provider there is no need for any horticultural knowledge or background.

Each local service provider has a fully equipped and liveried van.   With the help of a very effective proprietary system they develop routes on which they regularly schedule services for their customers.

Note that in some cases regional dirctors or local sevice providers may employ staff to cover service delivery or administration functions. Some time this employment can be the first stage towards becomeing a fully fledged franchisee.